This site is meant to help the contemporary reader discover Arthurian and epic literature of the middle ages to the early Renaissance, mainly. It is a reflection of my own readings, and of the research I made on the side to figure out myself what to read and in what order.

Although an academic in other respects, I am neither an Arthurian scholar, nor am I trying to insert myself in philological debates. I am trying instead to foster an appreciation for medieval literature with contemporary readers. Accessibility rather than up-to-the-minute scholarly exactitude is the governing principle here. Thus, some of the links I am drawing will be considered either anachronistic or oversimplified to the medieval scholar, but they are meant to help reading and appreciation decisions, not research ones.

For this reason, the majority of works selected here are in translation, except when the original has outstanding poetical qualities that can make it worth the effort for the more experienced reader, or when a translation is simply not available. Integral translations, when available, were favoured over partial ones; adaptations were for the most part discarded, unless they reward appreciation as new works. I have also tried to favour dual-language editions, which allow advanced readers to read the original and use the translation as a gloss.

For some, like myself, this selection can serve as a terminal shopping list for all their current and future Arthurian literature needs; for others I hope it may serve as a stepping stone to a deeper engagement with medieval literature.

Cniht is the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) writing of knight, and it was pronounced k-n-ee-h-t.


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