kingauthorsdeathf“Alliterative Morte Arthure.” King Arthur’s Death: The Middle English
 Stanzaic Morte Arthur and Alliterative Morte Arthure. Edited by Larry D. Benson and Edward E. Foster. Kalamazoo : TEAMS Middle English Texts, 1994.

Full online text.

Modern English translation in ISBN 978-0140444452

I am not sure why I have more fun reading Middle English than Old or Middle French. Even though French is my mother tongue, the medieval inflexions of French have perhaps less mystery, or a less complicated history than the big melting pot that eventually became English. But in the present case, reading the original is worth it for the sonority of the alliterative style. Characterization is better developed than in Geoffrey or the Bruts, and although this is mainly a story of battles and conquest, it is a brisker reading than the HRB.